Holy Week

This week we celebrate eternal life, not death. And we honor the perfect purity of the Son of God, and not his sins. Offer each other the gift of lilies, not the crown of thorns; the gift of love, and not the "gift" of fear. You stand beside each other, thorns in one hand and lilies in the other, uncertain which to give. Join now with me, and throw away the thorns, offering the lilies to replace them. This Easter I would have the gift of your forgiveness, offered by you to me, and returned by me to you. We CANNOT be united in crucifixion and in death. Nor can the resurrection be complete 'til your forgiveness rests on Christ, along with mine.

A week is short, and yet this holy week is the symbol of the whole journey that the Son of God has undertaken. He started with the sign of victory, the promise of the resurrection, already given him. Let him not wander into the temptation of crucifixion, and delay him there. Help him go in peace beyond it, with the light of his own innocence lighting his way to his redemption and release. Hold him not back with thorns and nails, when his redemption is so near. But let the whiteness of your shining gift of lilies speed him on his way to resurrection.

Easter is not the celebration of the COST of sin, but of it's END. If you see glimpses of the face of Christ behind the veil, looking between the snow white petals of the lilies you have received and given as your gift, you will behold each other's face and RECOGNIZE it. I was a stranger, and you took me in, not knowing who I was. But, for your gift of lilies, you WILL know. In your forgiveness of this stranger, alien to you and yet your ancient Friend, lie his release, and your redemption with him. The time of Easter is a time of joy, and not of mourning. Look on your risen Friend, and celebrate his holiness, along with me. For Easter is the time of YOUR salvation, along with mine.

  Holy Week
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